All messages in one place

Don't lose track! Communicate with your contacts on all channels from one central place. Send emails, texts, social media messages and more - all from one platform.


All conversations at one glance

Revolutionize your communication

All messages via email, WhatsApp, SMS, Google My Business, Instagram, Messenger & other channels can be viewed and answered using just a single chat for each contact.

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Faster response rates

Never miss an opportunity again and keep track of all conversations and reply easily.

Stay in touch with customers

Increase your customers' satisfaction by staying in touch and grow your revenue by increasing your retention rate.

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Empty your inbox

It feels great to work off all the messages and empty your inbox. FunnelConsole makes it even easier to keep communication efficiently.

Plus, all of these great benefits:

Manage & grow your business.

Use the most efficient all-in-one platform.

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